At Mosaic we value simplicity. We realize that we don’t need a special building, or “professional” preachers, teachers, or leaders to guide us to success. We do not require religious objects, committees, nice clothes, or perfect people, to be a church. The Church (we here at Mosaic) is wherever we gather together in Jesus’ Name.

We celebrate the fact that God’s people ARE the Church. The Church is not the building, but those who are gathered together to love and worship God. We also realize that, because this is true, all are needed to be who we are called to be. There are no people here who are more important than others. The gifts, passions, and talents of all are God-given, and are intended to bless the church.

We desire to be a place where anyone can feel at ease. We try to be a safe place where those who have been mistreated, looked down upon, or shunned, in more traditional churches, can come without fear of judgement. There are many who need Jesus who cannot imagine entering a church door, and we want them to come and follow Him with us.

We must always strive to acknowledge and actively remember our sin, our failures, our “brokenness”, and never allow ourselves to look down upon anyone out of selfish, foolish pride. We want to keep in mind the ease in which we can slip into religious arrogance.

Lastly, we acknowledge that we cannot live by any of this apart from the strength and grace of God. Only then will we be Mosaic Church.