“The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want for anything. He leads me beside still waters…”

These very words have spoken peace and comfort to troubled people for centuries, and still do today. Just hearing this phrase brings images of green meadows, calm pools, and blue skies to my mind, and, yes, quiet. Imagine, a quiet place like that to rest in the midst of your struggles, your heartbreaks, and fear. Many times life is strife, loss, guilt, anxiety, and despair. These grip your mind and your heart and refuse to let go, they imprison us. ¬†They refuse peace and rest that is so desperately needed. Is it possible that there is a place of “quiet waters” that this singer speaks of in the Bible? Yes there is, it is found in the very heart of God. It is found in His unfailing love for you, in His promise to “…never leave you or forsake you“. My dear Friend, if you are in Christ, then you are safely in the care of God, no matter how you feel right now. If you do not know Him, be assured that He sees you and values you, and He knows you, and your pain. Jesus came to bring us to God, to forgive us our sin, and to give you His peace. Let us listen closely to the soothing voice of the One who made us as He speaks of His love for us. Don’t try to figure it out, or search yourself to see if you feel loved, or are worthy of His love, just rest and trust. This is called faith, and faith in God is a solid rock which nothing can crumble.

Does this sound too good to be true? Take it from one who is not worthy but has received His love…me.