Mosaic of Newaygo County: A Christ Following Community of Faith, Hope, & Love
We would like to introduce ourselves to those who don’t know us. Our church is called Mosaic.  We chose that name because, just as a mosaic work of art is made up of broken pieces of glass and ceramic, so we celebrate the fact that God can transform broken, hurting, people into something beautiful.

You might ask, why another church in Fremont? That is a very good question.  Our hope is that we can be a place where anyone can come to receive healing, love, and grace from God, along with others who are seeking the same thing. We strive to be a church where all can feel safe and loved, especially those who might be very uncomfortable in a traditional setting. Our gatherings are very informal, yet honoring to our majestic, Creator God. Although it is a well used phrase, we really desire you who visit us to “come just as you are”. Your hurts, your history, your struggles, will fit right in with ours. We want very badly to “be there” for each other, to support one another, and to love one another. We are not saying that we are there yet, but this is our prayer.

The foundation of our church is, simply, Biblical truth. We hold passionately to the truth of the Bible, to God, who has revealed Himself through creation and His Word, to the crucified and risen Jesus Christ, to the great value of all people, and to the fact that God desires all to come to Him to receive His mercy and grace.

Things such as political opinions, style of dress, forms of prayer, formal worship, and the use of alcohol and tobacco, are of less importance, and we will not fight about these things.

This pretty much sums up who we are. We would welcome anyone to visit us and see what we’re about. You will be welcomed informally, but you won’t be asked to be recognized publicly during our service. There will be nothing asked of you when you join in worship on a Sunday morning, we want you to feel welcome, but safe. We welcome questions and concerns about the church and Christianity, should you have any.

If this sounds like something you might like to try, we gather at 720 W. Main St. (Behind State Farm, the entrance is in the rear.) at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  We will look forward to meeting you soon.