We have taken the name Mosaic for a very specific reason. We appreciate the truth that, just as the craft of mosaic art is to transform broken pieces of glass, pottery, or ceramic, into beautiful works of art, so God takes our broken, ruined, lives, and transforms us into glorious works of His creative touch. You were created to look like Him, we were created in His Image, but, sadly, we ruined that image when we decided to run our own lives and ignore Him.

You might be saying that you’ve tried to turn your life around and it just doesn’t work, that you are just too far gone… too broken. Maybe you’ve lived a life seeking sensual pleasures, or in the pursuit of money. Maybe you have betrayed your friends for selfish reasons, or perhaps your life just has no meaning, and you are wondering if you even matter.

If so, please know that you are not alone. All of us who have are the children of God’s grace have been where you are, and, as a matter of fact, this is the best place to be. Desperation should draw us to the Only One who can help us. We may have avoided Him, or tried to believe that He doesn’t exist, but, at some point in our brokenness, we call out to Him for help. Does He then look on us with disdain, frustration, or anger? No, the Bible clearly says that “He delights in mercy“, mercy and grace are His delight, His pleasure. He doesn’t hesitate and then decide that He will have mercy on you, He runs to you to give you His love, grace gives God joy.

But, you might be asking how God makes something beautiful from your shattered life. That is a truth that we will discuss soon, and the answer will fill you with wonder and amazement. Be prepared.